Image by Tim Mossholder

Why Korchma?

Since the 11th century, Korchmas have existed in many Eastern European countries. The word “Korchma” translates from Ukrainian to ‘tavern’ or ‘pub’ where food, beer, or ale would be consumed by travelers.  Korchmas were popular amongst the cossacks as it was a safe haven for them to grab a bite to eat, drink horilka (type of vodka), and have dance-offs with each other. Cossacks were known as self-governing soldiers that fought for Ukraine's freedom and continue to be the symbol of Ukraine's independence in modern-day Ukraine. Korchmas were also known as the “peoples club” because “men and women gathered there for leisure and had friendly conversations with acquaintances and friends, who came to the tavern not to drink and eat at their own or other's expense, but rather more with the intention of people to socialize”.

Barrel House Korchma is a Ukrainian restaurant serving traditional dishes with high-quality ingredients. Entering our restaurant, you will experience Ukraine's history during the Cossack times and the spirit of our ancestor's traditions. As a born and raised Ukrainian family living in Canada, we are proud of our heritage and want to continue serving our history to our customers.


If you are interested in reading about the history of the Cossack era in Ukraine, click the link here